Exclusion and Internment - FBI Inspections and Roundups

_TIM3149 - Firearms Confiscated by the FBI In the week following Pearl Harbor, many West Coast Issei previously identified as "suspect" by the FBI were arrested, questioned, and confined. On February 4, 1942, the FBI, along with Washington State troopers and Kitsap County sheriff deputies, entered and searched every Island Issei home. Contraband such as dynamite and rifles, items which two months earlier would have been described as common farmersí tools, were confiscated and many of their owners taken. Thirty–four men and one woman were arrested and questioned. Some were returned to their families. Thirteen men were eventually interned as "enemy aliens" in Department of Justice camps, some released only after the end of the war. "They were arresting anybody who was a teacher or leader in the community," said Paul Ohtaki, an Island teenager.

SLIDESHOW — A small collection of photos and artifacts

Oral History Clip (OH0001 – Michi Noritake) 4:55 — Father taken, then reunited at end of war
Oral History Clip (OH0003 – Jerry Nakata) 2:56 — Brother's shotgun
Oral History Clip (OH0013 – Vic Takemoto) 2:37 — FBI Roundups
Oral History Clip (OH0034 – Yae Yoshihara) 2:37 — Father wants to prove loyalty
Oral History Clip (OH0042 – Frank Kitamoto) 1:09 — Info on Justice Camps
Oral History Clip (OH0048 – Hisa Matsudaira) 1:55 — Mother crying
Oral History Clip (OH0052 – Nobi Omoto) 2:05 — Father prays
Oral History Clip (OH0060 – Tomi Egashira) 3:28 — Coming home from school
Oral History Clip (OH0061 – Matsue Watanabe) 3:57 — FBI in house, visits father in Seattle immigration office
Oral History Clip (OH0072 – Sally Kitano) 1:18 — Searched home inside and out
Oral History Clip (OH0082 – Mary Woodward) 2:24 — War hysteria in newspapers
Oral History Clip (OH0093 – Sada Omoto) 1:11 — FBI inspects Omoto home

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Photo Information:
Firearms Confiscated by the FBI — Museum of History and Industry, Seattle Post Intelligencer Collection

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